I don't know her intentions. Should I give her a chance even if it is risky?

Long story short this girl that I'm somewhat interested in has been acting like she likes me lately. I say somewhat because I have been screwed over by girls in the past and I have screwed over a few girls as well (not by cheating or anything) so I know to not get too attached too fast. She upfront told me that she had cheated on her ex (no sex, just kissing) and that she told him which caused him to dump her. I give her props because she volunteered this info and she seemed pretty embarrassed about it. She's a really nice person, but she's also super hot so tons of guys go for her and it's probably tempting for her, especially since her previous relationship was dying anyways. I'm definitely not excusing what she did though, but I try to see it from her perspective and have a little bit of sympathy. Recently (about 3 days now) she has been hanging out with me a lot more and invited me to watch a school dance that she was in. She has also asked me for a ride twice even though she can easily get one else where since we do the same extracurricular activities at school. She kissed me (on the cheek) each time but I don't make much of it since she's Hispanic and that's pretty normal. The only unusual thing about it is that goes out of her way to do it. But I don't know if she's actually interested, she's trying to use me, or if she just friendzoned me. It strongly seems like she's interested, but I have been screwed over enough times to not be so stupid and to have caution, especially with a somewhat flirty girl who has cheated before. I'm willing to give her a chance because I have nothing to lose, but I'm still very cautious about her intentions.


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  • no don't give a chance if t is risky


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