GUYS! why do you do this?

You break up, your ex is pregnant with your child, girlfriend tries to get back with you multiple times, all rejected, you meet someone new, start dating etc, but you text your ex about stuff that has no significance to the child, but of your personal life, just things that you'd think you'd text the new girl, I just don't know how to navigate. I've been ignoring him recently when he comes to stuff about me or his life, then he gets mad, then
he comes off like I don't give a shit about him or his feelings but he is literally dating this chick. Should
i confront him or what? Is he trying to get back with me?


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  • You tell him this, you will only discuss the baby. Anything else tell your girlfriend. And stick to it. If he talks about the baby then tries to change the subject hang up, shut the door or whatever. You need to move on

    • Why does he act like we're a thing, like I'm supposed to care about him and what's going on in his life?

    • Because he's having problems with his girlfriend and you're the backup. Move on

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