There's a guy at work I'm really attracted to, he seems to be interested in me too, but he has a kid with his ex girlfriend. What do I do?

I work with a guy who's incredibly attractive, totally sweet, almost 10 years older than me and has a child with his ex-girlfriend. He likes to pick on me playfully when I see him, smiles or laughs to himself if I walk by, asks me about myself (where I grew up, when I graduated and where from, past jobs), smiles really big and gives me a huge hello in the morning like he hasn't seen me in a week, and when I told him I was being moved to a different position that would potentially mean I wouldn't see him as much, he asked if I was serious and where I was going and when in a very serious tone. He even, maybe unintentionally, gave another guy he saw me talking to the once-over and when be caught me watching him do it got right back to work. I'm totally guy illiterate but I'm feeling like these are all positive signs (guys don't just ask where you grew up as casual conversation.. Right?) I'm just concerned that him having a kid would be a hang up for him to ask me out. He's a very dedicated father from what I've been told by people who have known him a long time, and I'm so happy for it, I just don't want it to be a speed bump for us, especially since I know he's been with other women since his son was born. We've only known each other for a few months, but when should I start to expect something to happen, if it's going to at all, or start to think it's never going to happen and maybe consider moving away from the situation?


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  • Children, it doesn't matter who's, is going to complicate any relationship. The one without kid (s) will have to understand they'll always be #2. If you want something to happen then tell him you like him and ask him out


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  • ... because dating coworkers is SUCH a good idea...


  • kill the kid


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