What's the most polite way to act after you had to say no to a guy friend who asked you out?

What would you want a girl to do after you asked her out but she said no? What if you guys were great friends? Would you mind if she told her best friend for advice or would you rather prefer her keeping it to herself?

We were great friends but now things have ended awkward. He's not at my school anymore so I have no way of talking to him except by text once in a while. I want us to stay friends but should I text him or just leave it as it is? I haven't told anyone but I want to ask my best friend for advice. Would telling her be a disrespectful way to deal with this?


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  • 1. Keep conversations short, due to possible bad memories.
    2. If you tell a friend keep his name and any sensitive identifying details out.
    3. If your going to talk this whole guys turn down thing the best people you can talk about this with are your parents and this dude. Cause it can really blow up if he thinks your talking shit behind his back. Tread very lightly and use a different name if you have to use a name for him when talking to your bestie.

    • Thank you, reading this made me realize that the right thing to do is keep it to myself. I don't know if our friendship will stay the same, but if anything is going to change, I want to pay my last respects because I'm glad that he was my friend all this time.

    • there's some though key words you used though and its best even if you move fully on do know there is a chance he will try to rekindle the relationship. If the ending of the first paragraph is really his words there's a 40-68% chance i think he may try to contact you again later on. maybe its low enough that its best to move on but stay aware that he is still a friend just not boyfriend. Stay safe miss

    • Thank you, I understand what you mean. At this point, I'm not sure if I should contact him first or wait for him to contact me later on but yes, I would really like to keep our friendship.

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  • just text him and tell him you want to keep in touch and be friends but you're not sure how to make it work, really being honest helps clear up EVERYthing. less confusion is always great

    he has the right to say sorry too weird for me, though

  • just leave it. if a girl doesn't want to date id take a few steps back in the friendship. probably wouldn't talk about important stuff as much. meeting up for a lunch now and then would be fine but we can't continue the friendship as normal.


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