You say it's alright to be a nice guy but not a pushover, so what should I do about her canceling our date?

She's made an excuse which sounds dubious to me. I ended up agreeing to meet her on a different day instead (a day which she had suggested), what should I have done? Turned her down and choosen a new date? Just moved on from her if she's going to be like that? Ignore her until she learns not to do that?
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  • Accept she's not worth it
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  • I would go along but if she tries to say she's busy again its okay I say to start nosing in. Like is it a family issue or work issue and if its nether then its a WTF moment. Thats the point where you ask her does she actually want to date you. And if you dont get a response tell her you want to meet up IN person and talk this out. To avoid any awkward or miscommunication.


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  • You just might be overreacting. What was her excuse? I mean can't you trust her?

    • Being sunburnt from a week ago.

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    • Her skin would have had to of looked bad peeling and stuff for her to stay home.

    • ... that long. Sun burns can take a while to heal, it just depends on how bad it was.

  • Be considerate and understanding women dig that


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