Tinder? Rate it?

I'm not wanting a one and done. But would Tinder be easier than Match or another site? Has anyone met someone that you've dated and ate happy with? Give me your opinion.


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  • No I don't have a dating website thats lame!

    • Awe, lame... well, back to the bathhouse. Lol. I'm kidding. I'm tired of bars and my friends setting me up. You have a better idea?

    • join a FUN sport or activity? Do like the outdoors?

Most Helpful Guy

  • I mean tinder works, you'll find an easy hookup, a friend, and maybe even a potential girlfriend. The only problem is, with any free app; POF, OKC, and Tinder- the users are more often than not just looking for something casual, and most of the women are just "testing the waters". I figure if you really want something serious, you're better off getting a membership with Match. People who are spending $$out of their pocket for a membership are less likely to waste their time, and others time because they're seriously looking.

    • Yeah, that's what I thought. I appreciate your help.

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  • It's a sex app

    • Well, I have enough headaches with this current bitch. I'll stick to something like Match, thanks for the input.

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