Lately I haven't been having a good time when going out w/ my guy. Does these things happen to u guys to?

I don't know why I don't be talking or singing to songs in the car. I just think about random things when it me and him. When it's other people around in distracts me and I act happy.
I think I'm deep down depressed about my job. I hate it and it's my career. It's a big part of me. How can I be happy when I hate a big part of me?
I feel like a bad girlfriend on top of that cus I let my sadness ruin our time. Witch gets me even more sad cus I start thinking y he even puts up with me.
Then I get to saying to myself I'm not worth it I'm not worth anything I got a shitty job and that's all I got.
Cus my friend s have all betrayed me. Stole from me. Lies to me talked me hind my back. Smh. I wish I had at least one good friend. Besides my man anyway. He is aWsome !!! im not.


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  • Maybe you just need some serious me time or girl time


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