I like her, I am sure she likes me too but she is very shy?

there's a girl i like and i really believe she likes me back but as we both suck at dating and flirting we dont move a lot. We text daily and talk about lots of stuff. I am really sure she likes me back but i tried calling her out and she always says she's busy which sometimes i think she just says it because she's not interested or because she is very shy and anxious about stuff which i know is true about her. We meet with each other only in school as we both hang out with the same group. I am not sure how to move on with this. Telling her that i like her is a thing i was thinking about but failures from the past with others and no real signs from her (besides being really friendly) make me rethink it. So i would like to her from others how can i go on with her or at least be sure that she feels what i think that she feels about me.


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  • If I were you I would tell her how you feel but let her know that if she doesn't feel the same you will try and continue the friendship you have. Don't let her think its all or none. If I were the girl you liked I would want you to be honest with me, no bullshit. You never know maybe she's waiting for you to make the first move.

    • I know that she's a very anxious person that can prevent her from doing lots of stuff she wants to.
      But i will tihnk about that idea, thanks

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