Do you agree it is immature for someone to think someone is a bitch or an asshole solely for the reason that they rejected them on a date?

I think it is dumb as hell. From time to time there are men and women that think someone is an asshole or bitch simply cause that other person rejected them WHEN that other person didn't even reject them badly. They just think they are an asshole or bitch simply cause they rejected them on a date.


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  • Hell ya I do! That's just them being insecure about themselves. Its like they become children all over again because like kids they call each other names because thats all they know how to do in situations like that. Like you said it was one date and you would be the asshole or bitch because you would be judging them without knowing them. If you don't feel a spark what's the point in continuing the relationship.

    • I agree but I was talking about people thinking someone is a bitch or asshole and they never went on a date with them, but want to go on a date with another person and the person rejects them and they think they are an asshole or bitch for that.

    • Definetly. They probably call the person those things because they feel like shit for getting rejected. I stand by what I said the one who is calling names is the real asshole.

    • I agree with you. Many people are assholes cause many people do this lol. And have you noticed about how you are the only person that responded? I wonder if it is because I posted this late at night or because the truth hurts lol.

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