Guys, what do you find attractive?

I just want to know because I'm 5'1 I have dark brown eyes and black hair


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  • Granted I am in the minority, but nothing that you probably think.

    Someone who loves themselves. Someone once said You only accept the love that you think you deserve. If you don't love yourself you will have a hard time letting someone else love you.

    Confidence but not being cocky. Hella attractive.

    Passionate. The single moment when I have been most attracted to my current girlfriend was listening to her talk about what she wanted to do after college. Listening to her explain why she chose the major she did. The way her voice changed, I have never been more attracted to someone in my life that in that moment.

    Easy to talk to. Being able to sit and talk for hours without a TV on or music is one of my favorite evenings to have. A similar sense of humor doesn't hurt either.

    Awkward around me. That is how I know we both like each other, if we never get past the awkward stage while we were friends.

    Great around kids. I love kids and someone who is as comfortable as I am is very attracted. On a similar note: has similar family size goals. Nothing is more unattractive to me than someone who wants 8 kids.

    Family First. Family means everything to me and there is little I wouldn't do for them. Finding someone who feels the same, very attractive.

    Someone my family approves of and her family approves of me. I just officially got her dad's approval of me this morning. One of the greatest feelings.

    Someone I see a future with. I am always planning for the future and someone that I could not see my future without. Likewise, knowing that her 5/10 year plan includes me as well.


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