What did the kiss mean?

So I Madeout For the first time with this guy I'm talking to. And it did get a little hot and heavy but nothing crazy happened. (Clothes were left on and his hands did not go below the waist). After we Madeout and he came back from the restroom he kissed me as we stood there. After that kiss he was acting dorkier and just being goofy. When he dropped me off , I went in for a kiss and he went along with it and right after he was lip syncing a song to me to make me laugh. So my question is from the kisses we had after the makeout does that mean that he sees me more than just some hookup? Or do guys that hookup just do things like that?
He has mentioned to me that what's on a girls mind is just as important as her attractiveness. Also he's 23 and I'm 21, I don't know if that changes anything.


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