How long do you ask someone out?

Girls, How long does it take before a guy stops asking you out? (provided you have said no most of the time)

Guys, same question, how long does it take before you stop asking a girl?

how many months? weeks? or days?


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  • If I'm not interested romantically but like him he'll usually become a friend after 4-5 times of no but It may take longer If you said no "most" of the time.

    • it may take longer? what happened during those times with your experience? also, how could i tell if the guy is serious? sorry, i know this is subjective but i would like to hear other stories. thanks

    • Well, if you only say no most of the time it'll keep his interest longer but eventually he'll get tired of the games and lose all interest in you as a human being. I would say you can tell he's serious if you consistently say no but he consistently (but nicely) keeps asking.

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  • Once or twice. If no inkling that I can get father, I move on. Ain't got time for nonsense.


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