Girlfriend got lesbian tumblr notification?

I have no idea how tumblr works or what not and how the notifications are but my girlfriend got a tumblr notification "Everyone's loving these posts from blank and blank". The page wasn't popular, so the first thought I had was she followed the page or something? I don't know does anybody know anything about this?
I don't mean to be offensive or anything by the way! But the notification said "Everyone is into these posts" I think and they were pages dedicated to the said topic


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  • Like an email? Tumblr sometimes emails posts that have gotten a lot of attention recently. Or if you mean when she liked something and it gave four other recommended options, they're not always necessarily related.

    • I have no idea how tumblr works but like a notification on her iphone from tumblr. It was two different pages and it said "Everyone is really into blank and blank"

    • Yeah, doesn't mean anything, it just recommends you random things sometimes.

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  • I actually get tumblr notifications for lesbian pages and stuff even though I have never liked anything like that or followed them. I don't know why. I have been getting those notifications for like a month now.

    • What does the message generally say?

    • "Everyone's doing it", "Wanna try something new, check out our new female on female sites", "We know you have hidden desires", "You have hot local babes looking to meet you". I never signed up for anything like that so why the notifications are popping up on my tumblr is beyond me.

  • It's just an attempt to get her to follow more random blogs.


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