Guys , I am the person who alway give relationship advises to my friends but is still single. help?

i have asked two guys out and have been rejected. i am pretty funny and confident. i also am not that ugly. so what should i do about this situation?


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  • Im 26 and im single but have always given advice to all my friends. And people that need it. At the age of 19 i dated this girl for 5 years and was still giving advice. The problem is that us the poeple who give advice never listen to their own advice and it just didn't work out. Im single now like i said and i keep giving advice still. Just be patience and you will see that sooner or later it will come when you keast expect it. And it does take a lot of effort for a girl to ask guys out. Props to you. Good luck!

    • Thanks , you are very helpful !!

  • you must message me


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