Can I ask her out over Facebook?

Please read, the details are key to the situation.

The girl I like is one I see almost every day, so I've never bothered to get her number. Anyway, she hurt her leg yesterday and I was there to take care of her, comfort her one on one while she cried, and then helped to carry her to her car... so lets just say we shared a close moment yesterday.

Anyway, I've wanted to ask her out for a while, and was planning on doing so despite yesterday's events, and this week is the perfect time to do so. Since she's home and injured, I won't see her now till probably Thursday or later, so I won't be able to ask her out in person.

So is it ok to ask her over Facebook? I was thinking of just checking in with a "How are you feeling?" and such and after a brief conversation saying something like "Wanna hang out? When you're feeling a bit better of course. Maybe go out for drinks sometime?"

In this day and age is this ok? Or should I find a way to at least call her on the phone? Or should I wait entirely till I see her in person again (I feel waiting would blow a great oppourtunity after a really intimate moment together)
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As an update, I asked her out (lol, not gonna say how), we're going out tomorrow night! ^_^


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  • Ask her how she's doing every once in a while this week, maybe ask if she's having any visitations (jokingly), just go hang with her if it leads to that. Then after that ask if she wants to go out some time when she's recovered more.


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  • I definitely think it would be way more flattering to wait till you see her in person, from experience :)


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