How to make myself seem more experience with guys and dating?

I have very little experience with guys and you can tell. I need to make myselfseem at least a little bit more experienced. How can I do that?


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  • Don't do it. Never sell an "image" that's false. If you don't have experience, you should get it by dating. You don't need to tell the guy you're not experienced, but even if you do, I'm sure he won't mind if he's truly interested. I wouldn't.

    • I don't ever tell guys I'm not experienced. They figure it out because its obvious and it creeps them out and make them not like me as much. That's why I have to alter my image. Its just like when dorky guys learn to game to pick up women.

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    • Confidence isn't the issue. Everything is fine until they figure out how inexperienced I am.

    • But this is dumb of them! How the hell can you get dating experience if you don't date? It's impossible. Honestly I think that the guys who walk away because of this reason aren't worth your time.

  • say yes to the next guy who asks you out.

    that's how.

    • What? How does that make me seem experienced?

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    • Umm no I don't date just anyone.

    • thats why you lack experience. what do you think dating is for? its not supposed to be a serious endeavor.

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