The man I fell inlove with is suddenly moving?

I'm desperate for your opinions.. I've been involved with a man for about 9 months now .. but we've known each other for years and have hooked up before... however this time around was more serious... we took it to the next level which involved intercourse... however we didn't establish a relationship status... during the course of 9 months I got upset with him for doing things that were shady making trips without me to his country house, meeting girls and taking them there and posting lots of pictures with them. He never once invited me to his country house , and we have absolutely no pictures together, not one.. yet any girl he comes in contact with he takes pictures with them and posts it on his instagram and facebook for me to see.. on 2 of the many occassions where he has posted pictures with other girls i confronted him about it and he deleted them... I've never met his family... we do things like go out to the movies and dinner together, we get along really well and he seems very into me however he's not very vocal about his feelings... I didn't question this much because I thought time will tell... so I kind of left it to make things happen naturally.. also he has opened up to me about him being diagnosed with Bipolar 2 disorder... he mentioned he was tired of living where he lives and there's nothing new to do so he wanted to move, but I didn't think he was serious... now last week he told me he's moving to another country to work etc and I know he's serious because he's selling his car etc... I don't know what emotion I feel, I've cried about it but mostly I feel confused because I really was inlove with him... I've been hurt several times before so I'm kind of sick of it all... what do you suggest I do?


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  • What can you do? He is moving away. I think you should accept it and forget him. From your story I'd say you didn't mean that much to him. You where just someone to hang out with, with the occasional casual sex. A relationship was never established so he is free and clear to move on without you. I would suggest for your next relationship to not let 9 months go by without knowing where you stand with him.


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