How will I be able to move on please?

Hello, I've asked out a girl and she told me that she has a boyfriend. Bad news for me is that for the first time I ask out a girl, at the age of 22. Thus, it's not easy to move on.

I've asked her out like one week ago, and since then she keeps sitting next to me in my Computer Science class. Maybe she's doing that because she considers me as a good friend, or I am unable to find her purpose.
Nevertheless, I can not stop thinking of her, I still think of her so badly that I can not even focus on something else.
It is really annoying at some point, because all my thoughts go for someone that might not even be thinking of you, and is probably with her boyfriend having some good time. While me, I'm miserably sitting there thinking of her uselessly.

I would really appreciate some help in this situation, since I'm having huge difficulties to go forward in my life. I could not enjoy my life as I should if I keep it that way.

Thank you for providing me some help.

Hoping that I'll read many inputs from various people.



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  • Sadly, this happens. I had a crush in high school for two years. I asked him out, either to the dance or to just hang out, but he had a girlfriend already. It's tough, but the best thing to do is to try to occupy your thoughts with something else. Hobbies or hanging out with your friends might help.

    Being around her, like when she sits right next to you, is going to make it more difficult to move on for you. I had to change my seat and to have him behind me at first, and that did help. Almost like an "out of sight, out of mind" type of thing. Gradually, I moved on.

    • Oh I'm sad that such a thing happened to you also. Well, I'm sitting at my usual place in class. I do not want to change my place, because she will surely take it in a way that I don't like her presence which is not really the case unfortunately.

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    • You are right on this point, we say that time heals :)

    • Thank you!

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  • Ask a lot of girls out. Why did you wait till 22 to ask a girl out?

    • I've waited that long for two main reasons. One, I have an extreme shyness that prevents me to approach easily the girls so it wasn't easy to ask a girl's number, and ask out a girl. Second, I've never felt so intense feelings toward someone as this one.

      Basically, the other ones were more physical attraction but there's nothing that pushed me to do the move. Despite being shy, and everything I knew that if I do not ask her out here I'm gonna regret it. Thus, this is what I did and you've read what is the result.

  • Find a new girl.

    • Thank you for your reply.

      However, it is not as simple as that for me. Approaching girls is not that easy in my situation, and I never felt this way toward a girl. She is the only one that gives me such feelings. I've never experience such feeling toward another girl, despite the fact that there are many attractive girls but no one make me feel the same.

    • Well this girl is taken, so you can wait for her to see if she become single, or you can find another girl that would make you feel the same way

    • I know that I can not really expect something from, I guess I'm gonna end up as only a friend. The problem is that during my whole life (now 22) I've never felt such an intense feeling toward someone.
      I have doubts that I'll be able to get back such feelings again.

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