A girl asked me out & said she likes me, then all the sudden she stopped talking to me. Why wouldn't she say she's just not interested anymore?

This girl asked me out and we were going to go out but she got sick so we rescheduled. Now its been almost two weeks and she hasn't responded to the two text messages I sent her saying hi and if she's busy this weekend. What's the reason she wouldn't just let me know she's not interested? Why just disappear, the polite thing would be to say oh no I'm not interested anymore etc.


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  • Perhaps she's still sick, and not really in a position to respond. You'd better check on her and see how she's doing.

    • No she's not sick that was a few weeks ago, I shouldn't know she's not sick because she didn't tell me. Someone else asked me about our date and I said I haven't heard back from her and that maybe she's sick. That person then told me oh well I saw her out with her friends like 10 days ago so she's not sick anymore. Then I went to her facebook and her Facebook also has pictures of her out. I just want to know why she didn't say something like sorry I'm not interested anymore. Why leave me hanging?

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    • Ok I will see her again because we have in general the same group of friends so Ill just like ignore her and she won't bring it up but if someone else does Ill just be like dont know dont care.

    • Yeah, show that you don't give a hoot! In some cases, doing that might actually make her interact with you again. Even if she does that, continue to ignore her.

  • Bro, this is called playing hard to get... a girl did same to me...
    Just tell her... u like her and then dont talk to her...
    she will come herself to you...


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