It seems that most women think I am interested in them just because I am talking to them. How do I politely signal that I'm not interested?

One example that happened the other day: This cashier at the checkout was chatting with me while she was ringing up my stuff, and she kept mentioning her boyfriend, in kind of a blatant fashion, which usually is a clear signal that she is not interested. Fair enough, but I wasn't interested in her to begin with. She wasn't attractive at all and I was not hitting on her in the least. But I had to interact with her because she was the cashier, and she was making small talk, and I was just being polite. I have many other examples too. I don't want to be cold, but I'd just like to know how I can show that I'm not interested.


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  • Dude I really wouldn't think much of it. Women and especially young women and a new relationship talk about their boyfriend to everyone they even do it with women and men the age of their grandpa.

    Men only bring up tjheor girlfriends when they feel they are. Tossing a line into flirting that would be inappropriate if she found out in most cases but women are talkers.


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