How do I stop these feelings help?

I have had a crush in this guy for about 1 year. (no I haven't done anythinf cuz our parents are friends and it would be awk if he didn't have feelings for me.) anyways he is always nice to me. I tried to move on from the feelings I have but recently his parents and mine made plans to go out and eat and he sat next to me. If I mentioned something he would say "I didn't know that about you" after lunch I couldnt help but have all these feelings for him I again. And my mom doesn't know that I like him. But she always makes comments like well joking " you have my blessings to date him he is a good guy" or also like" I know he likes you by the way he looks at you" But i dont think so he has many friends that are girls n he is naturally friendly. what do I do to stop this?


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  • Are you sure you want to stop it. Cause its sounds more like the perfect situation lol!!! not that im trying to make fun of you but your parents like him. His parents are probably digging into him for never making a move on you. So what if your parents are friends yea awkward but if it turns out to go very well. OMG! lol hahahha easiest possible marriage possibility.

    But enough of that well if you really want to stop these feelings really the only options are to talk to him (Which is awkard cause what if he conffesses to also having a crush. Right then awkward paradox of plans.) Or go and date someone else.

    But personally id date him cause you got the crush, the parents already like him. So what else is needed you got the easiest date ever... its your choice but finding someone that works is hard. Cause ya dont want to end up regreting this. As well he seems really nice and kind and interested in you soooo yea. Have a nice day miss though.

    • Well I dont really know if he likes me I dont want to confuse his friendliness with flirt cuz he has never made a move.

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    • I'm dating my friends cousin who's got a twin sister and we have to do 3 way dates thats not weird nor is it that they are identical so its always funny when the waiter always messes their orders up.

    • Well one of the twins is a completely dependent on the other twin but at least can cook lol and can do all the basic stuff to live just freezes in public. and has a strange pannic attack if forced to be alone in public with out her sis. also she is very quiet so its not that bad or annoying to let her tag along. Since she rarely talks. together they are sweet and funny.

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