How do I turn this situation around?

Well here is the thing. Ever since i was little my mother would nag about how i never made food and i never learned to make anything.
Its not like i dont like making food, i do but i just remeber how she would always interfear and tell me i sucked and yelled.. so now im tramautized of making food for others and i tell people i can't make anything. I just got my first boyfriend.. and he makes fun of how i dont know how to make food, he is the one making the food for us and i feel bad because i do want to make it but im afraid that i suck and its embaressing.. so i go along with pretending that i suck.

So how can i make food without being afraid of the outcome and how people will react to my cooking?


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  • Try it and if you feel like your going to mess it up ask for his help. But make sure to tell him though this ain't turning into a makeout session... lol JKJK


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