Girls, any introverts on this site…?

im an introvert and am looking to meet some introverts to talk to...


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  • From the few polls I've seen it seems that most GaGers view themselves as introverts. However I'm not..

  • Yes, I'm not sure if I'm an introvert or a shy ambivert though.

    • cool… I'm from maryland. where u from?

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    • Cool, I have an uncle who used to be a trucker. What do you deliver? I was born and raised here, I've actually never been out of NZ. Have you always lived in Maryland?

    • i was born and raised in brooklyn, ny. moved here when i was 14. im used to it now, but i wasn't back then…i deliver propane to homes for heat, business'…its ok, much better than all my other jobs. what do u enjoy doing?

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