Guys, Please explain this guy to me! I'm so confused. Is he actually interested?

I was asked out by a guy that I wasn't entirely interested in and I waited a while to make plans. He'd text, and text a lot. I'd reply sometimes days later. We eventually made plans and he disappeared. The texts stopped, he didn't really contact me anymore. So, the day of our "date," I made alternate plans. He texted me that day as he was getting off of work and asked if I was still up for going to dinner. I told him since I hadn't heard from him, no. We rescheduled and he texted me daily up til that date. We went to dinner, had a great time, kept telling me he was nervous and was very sweet, complimentative and funny. We ended up at his place talking for hours about anything and everything, just talked (4 hours to be exact) and he said he wanted to teach me to line dance and fish. It was really late, so I left (he requested I stay longer,) walked me to my car and kissed me goodnight. I really enjoyed it. I felt a serious connection that night. He texted me the next day saying he had a great time and he wanted to get together again. I told him I felt the same way. Due to Thanksgiving and schedules, we arranged our next date for 2 weeks out. The thing is... I never hear from him again. I'm kinda really liking him, but he never initiates texts. He texted me on Thanksgiving and another time saying he was thinking about me, but that's it... No, how was your day or weekend like before our 1st date. He replies to any and every text I send, and he will joke and laugh. I make sure to end the conversations and not keep texting because I don't want to become annoying. We have a date in a few days. He specifically said he felt like he won a championship game after our first date because it went so well, asked what made me say yes to him, told me I was beautiful, and wants to see me more to see where it goes. All good signs, just don't understand the in between after a date is scheduled... Why go quiet? Wouldn't you be afraid I'd lose interest?
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  • yeah well he never flaked out on a date with you. i would say he still has intrest. Maybe the lack of communication is a test to see how interested you are. maybe he is just busy or not much of a texter. i don't think you should read to much into this.


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