Did I come on too strong to this guy? Do I just need to back off?

We are in college. I know he has a crush on me; he finds me attractive; he's a reserved and kinda inexperienced dude but he ha shown signs he likes me so far.

This is is what I've done so far-- I was the one to introduce myself to him. I said I wanted to get to know him.
Whenever we have had plans to hang out (all suggested by him, not me) I have messaged him for confirmation, asking what time and where. But like I said, he is the one to bring up the idea of coffee, chilling, etc.
i always initiate our conversations online that are not about meeting up, like hey how are
you or whatever (which was only 2 times). Since then, we matched on tinder. Which was bizarre because he's not the type to have tinder.. But whatever, we matched. I messaged him a few days later that we should get together soon do blah blah whatever, since I like seeing him.

he never responded. I know he's been really busy as I have seen on his fb.. But now I feel like I'm just acting too thirsty or something. Am I?


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  • Maybe. Maybe he's nervous about getting together. I wouldn't initiate for a while and see what he does.


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  • If I liked a girl I'd most def. wanna hang out asap so he's either nervous or not into it I guess.

  • Back off a bit and see if he comes to u


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