Does he want something serious out of this? Guys opinions very much appreciated?

I met this guy on Halloween, we had a couple of mutual friends, so our groups of friends ran into each other. He is 3 years older than me, but we come from similar backgrounds, have similar interests etc. Since then, we text every day, go out at least once a week. He always initiates holding my hand, and a week ago, when his friend called him and asked what's he doing, he said: I'm with the misses.

Last night he took me to his friends birthday to meet all of his friends, and at the end of the evening we ended up at his place, and we had sex. The next morning, he asked me if I have fallen in love with him, and I said that I fall in love very slowly, but it might lead to that. He then answered that he is the same way, but he had a horrible ex of 2.5 years, and after that he hasn't been much of a relationship person. But, if I do get feelings, I should tell him and we will discuss it? That left me kind of confused on what he wants?
The communication today has been completely normal, same as before.

What do you guys think is his perspective on everything? And have I made a mistake by sleeping with him? (eg. he doesn't see me as girlfriend material)


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  • 1. your over thinking it just cause he said that he had a bad ex girlfriend break up that doesn't apply to you.
    2. Since he knows both of you have a bad relationship history he's just a little more careful not to um... fuck it up.
    3. I say its best if you can discuss it because then it would make y'all closer.


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