What are the chances that she likes me?

Okay, so this is about a girl I met online (not a dating website). We've been out twice so far (once a week).

I'm seeing her for a third time this Friday. It was originally meant to be a weekday, but she found out she couldn't make it, and suggested Friday or the weekend. We are going ice skating and back to mine for pizza, drinks and movies. She lives in another town.

We hardly text when we're not together, but we text quite a bit when we're a few hours away from meeting up. When we do meet, I've noticed she's touched my arm a few times, stands close-ish to me, shows me pictures of dresses she's bought online, and always asks "what shall we do next?". She's told me I'm funny too.

Before leaving last time, she tripped over. I put my arm round her back, and she immediately put her arm round my back. Then we had a hug before we went our separate ways.

So what are the chances she likes me? And is it likely she our meet ups as "just friends" or "dates"? Also, anyone got any tips for skating and my house?
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  • Looks like she likes you. :) Why are you doubting?

    • Thank you! 😊 I think it's mainly the hardly ever texting thing. On the other hand, I don't think I've ever seen her get her phone out in front of me (except to show me pics), so I don't know if she just not a big phone person?

    • Yeah she may not be a big phone person. :D
      And I think it's good sign that she rescheduled for the weekend!

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