How can I get this guy attention?

About a year ago there was this guy tried to make out with me but nothing happened because I didn't want to. (simply because I was with another guy and I didn't want to cheat on him but we broke up after couple of weeks)...
Now all I think about is HIM HIM HIM... I can't stop thinking about him... and I can't understand why... I am not in love with him and I don't know if I like him. (I even used to hate him because he used to bully me at school). I want to try to get his attention back and to give him a chance, I want to meet the REAL HIM who he really IS, because I know he is not that bad as I used to think and I also want to try to be more than friends with him because he kind of atracts me... But I am not kind of a girl that would make the first step... First of all I am shy and second of all I am afraid he will trun me back. What shell I do? What is the best way to give someone a sign that you like them? Do you think that he will give me another chance after what I did? Would you give someone a second chance?
by the way. I am not a bad girl, people do not dislike me, many people say I am cute and nice so please don't think I am a bi*** or something I am just normal girl who doesn't know what she feels and is not best at love.. :(


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  • Go meet up for coffee or tea or whatever lol. and you dont even really have to directly ask just suggest it. That is if you two still talk.


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