Girls, Why are there girls (more generally, females) complaining about not having (or not being able to get) a boyfriend?

(feel free to call me a jaded bastard)
There's a lot of girls complaining about never having a boyfriend before, asking themselves "why can't a guy find me attractive?", or "I just want a guy to like me". Seriously, do you freaking know how TRIVIAL it is to get a boyfriend? You literally just need to sit in a corner and pick any guy you want! ANY GUY! EVEN if you're average!
Regardless of the reason why you (think you) can't get a boyfriend, you don't need to be the perfect candidate, unlike us guys. EVEN if you're an awkward, average, shy girl with low self-esteem, you can still find a handsome, confident, good man. If the world ended tomorrow, ABSOLUTELY ALL of the shy, awkward, average guys with low self-esteem out there would die alone and unloved.
Are you so freaking blind to the fact that you can have it handed out to you on a silver platter? Are you that ignorant to the fact that you can get to choose and even REJECT guys, why they have to put all of the freaking effort into a single girl, with no guarantee whatsoever?

And please, don't start with the "grow some balls" bullshit. Stop trying to distract people from the original point.
So please, stop whining little a little baby and just realize how easy it is for you!

PS: Don't use it as an excuse to be a self-entitled, arrogant bitch.


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