Girls, do you think there is much truth to red pill (dating) philosophy?

For me personally, red pill has been one of the main influences for self-development over the past two years, though not only. People think it is all about misogyny and woman hating but there is more to it than that. Red pill emphasises that you need to escape the feminist stereotypes about what women supposedly like in men to truly understand (and therefore attract) women. It is about emphasising that typical dating advice, e. g.

'“Just be yourself”
“Be confident”
“The right girl will come along some day”'

doesn't always work and that it should be substituted for something more pragmatic, e. g.

'Approach and Stay
Don't leave until they tell you to leave or they themselves walk away
Hit the gym
Old fashioned lifts are best
Eat right
Minimize fast food
Dress your best
Get into a habit of talking to everyone!'


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  • Lol I am trying to understand from the links posted. It is about male female interactions geared towards helping out men? or like helping men understand women more?

    To be honest it seems like a lot of over thinking to be honest. Life just is not that hard :/

    Maybe those things are too foreign for me to understand :D

    • I would say that it is difficult for me to summarise effectively but it in a nutshell, it is about:

      how men and women relate to each other in society from a pro-male perspective. this is designed specifically towards helping men get the greatest benefit from the world of dating without moralising or judging men for wanting to do this. there is a strong focus towards self-improvement rather than self-pity and there is an inclination away from feminist ideology because this is not seen as constructive in helping a man improve his chances with the opposite sex. instead, it is seen as a way of empowering women without necessarily helping men who are considered unattractive by most women. some men are also considered attractive but not considered by a woman for various reasons, e. g. if he is one-night stand material, she will not consider him for a serious relationship, or if he is boyfriend material then he will be sexually starved until he can find a committed partner.

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    • who takes out his anger on others and becomes cold and bitter because he did not get what society told him he should have through indirect teachings by the media that a man is entitled to the beautiful woman at the bar who looks like a supermodel. Mind you these men bypass the average women and say woe is me cause the most 'beautiful' woman is not interested or does not notice them

    • tbh, western men are almost guaranteed a mate too if they go abroad: they are highly desirable. but a lot of men do not want to go to that extreme.

      'lol settle for average... lmao you think being with an average or a little above average looking woman is settling... that in itself reeks of entitlement'

      I think you're just deliberately making the worst possible assumption / most negative interpretation now.

      'self improvement is never bad'


      'I see you reference eliot rodger'

      I referred to him as 'the notorious Elliot Rodger' and like I explained to another user, I used him as 'just an example of what twisted phenomena this society breeds'.

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  • I like red pill advice because it works, but a lot of the members are too bitter and a lot of the other ideologies often fall into misogynistic territory, sometimes that's just the members but it can be seen in the sidebar material as well.

    Overall though, if you can look past some of the bitter men there you can find some very sound advice, I particularly like the reading material they suggest.

    • yes, I have to remind myself sometimes to steer clear of the bitterness because it can be very toxic. however, the more experienced and well-endowed red pillers will themselves avoid misogynism just not to the extent that they are agreeing with everything feminism has to say:

    • Yes exactly, I guess you could say I tolerate them then, they often have good reason to be upset, and of course they don't agree with feminism as it's often just blatantly denying what is true. Red pill is about knowing what is true (specifically about women and sexual tactics) even if the truth is painful or not PC or whatever. Hence the term Red Pill.

    • yep. I often find myself wanting to believe feminist dogma about women and sometimes wonder if I myself have fully swallowed red pill philosophy. it is difficult to accept such a stark view about human nature at times and women at best can be seen as merely acting in their own survival interests. some women (though not all) can be seen as downright manipulative and psychologically / emotionally abusive - they will accept feminism when it suits them but not when they do not get the advantages of being the fairer sex.

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  • I'm glad you found some aspects that worked for you, but I put zero faith in anything Red Pill.

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    • @Noxifer626 thanks none the less :)

    • @BellePepper You're more than welcome.

  • Not really because not everything they say is universally applicable to all women. I think TheRedPill tends to forget that women are indeed individuals, we all want and like different things in life.

    • that's true but any form of social analysis whatsoever is going to have to look at general trends in human society and apply generalisations. this is true for everything from Marxism through to sociology and the study of political economics.

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    • applying psychological generalizations is not social analysis. its prejudice--. which is the opposite of analysis.

    • @Azara

      I'm a methodological collectivist. I don't think it is possible to break down culture into individual interactions because that would be way too difficult to analyse. You don't look at a field of grass, and say 'well there are dark green blades, lime green, turqouise, yellowy green and bluey green' you just say that it's a field of green grass. anything else is too complicated. when it comes to women, they are simply looking for confident, attractive men and they like to be approached rather than do the approaching. that's just the way they are: they prefer dominance and status.

  • I have never heard of it to be honest, but from what youv'e written it sounds good

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    • ... before you can connect on an emotional and spiritual level.

    • ' But I didn't get that from just one opinion, I got it from the links you gave me and apparently that guy wrote a book about '

      true. perhaps this would be a more informative reading list (the link @nakedalligator posted)

      this book list is the most constructive in my opinion:

      you can see when looking through this list that the emphasis is on self-improvement for men. in fact, being too caught up in bitter or cynical ideas about women is not conducive to success. sometimes it just helps for people (both men and women) to get certain ideas and feelings off their chest.

  • I think there's no magical way. Every situation is different and you need to be able to read the person and read the situation for it to work.

    • true, this is why I like the advice,

      'be the best version of yourself'

      this way, you are always improving on your strengths and weaknesses as a character (focussing on your strengths). then, when you are trying to meet and attract women, you are more concerned with only the very best women that are compatible with you and your character (as opposed to other women you might be physically attracted to but with whom there are no areas of commonalities or emotional rapport).

      I think this is why red pill advises that you be the best version of yourself rather than just accepting the limited version of yourself that traditional dating advice seems to endorse

    • I don't know much about this red pill stuff, but the little I do know does sound good, not just for dating, but for life in general. It can be applied in different things too. Parts I've read remind me of a few books I read that are supposed to be given from mother's to daughters with advice on life.
      Nowadays though, everybody just looks for perfection when there is none. You just have to adjust to different situations. And really, no relationship will work unless both parties learn to adjust to each other.

    • very true, I think anybody with knowledge of humanities or self-improvement fields in general can relate to red pill philosophy.

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  • It can be right and wrong. All depends on how you think of it?
    Case 1: red pills are right
    For example there is this shy guy that cannot approach you and wait for a girl. And the girls keep fucking around and opening her legs. The guy approaches and in less one minute got shot off cuz he may not be cute so automatically seen as just waiting sex.
    If he is cute, then he is a lover.
    So it makes sense for him that if you regret him and treat like a shit when he needs you so he will do the same to you when u need him now.
    Rip what you sow..

    Also everyone said that they want a nice guy for example, but then u see all girls fucking around with the jerks cuz it is fun. No one stop and asked if what he/she is doing is right or wrong? So the way the guy will believe that cuz he sees it...
    we believe what we see..

    Case 2 red pills are wrong.
    Maybe the girl did make mistake and have corrected and see a change in her life... that way the pills is wrong..

    All depends on the past cuz as a fact the past matters to anyone.

    Cuz if someone said the. past does not mattet that means she has some bitter truth than embarassed to admit and that will ruin her image.

    Up to each of u decide what pills they have taken.

  • The Red Pill is bullshit. Most of what they endorse falls just short of rape.

    • there is a difference between being dominant and being rapist. also you can't blame red pill ideology as a whole for what a minority of bitter men have advocate under the banner of 'red pill' or 'men's rights'. when I was 15 I believed most of what feminism told me about women also. it wasn't until a few years later it slowly began to dawn on me that actually a lot of it is way off mark.

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    • Don't get me wrong, I will still try. But the chances are slim.

    • ok good luck.

  • I think they can be a bit extreme but there is some good advice and they do make some interesting observations about dating dynamics.

    • 'they do make some interesting observations about dating dynamics.'

      yes, a lot of it seems to be rooted in basic human psychology and evolutionary theory.

    • Yeah, if you can look past the ones who are obviously bitter and hateful, there is some useful information there.

    • very true

  • At worst, it's still far better than anything feminism could tell men to do

  • Church my brother

  • Exactly. Almost every man out there has the potential to be attractive to woman. Also, I strongly agree that feminism has been giving men bullshit advice as to what works with them. So yea, red pill is my bible.


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