If a guy never ignores you after you confess your love to him - does he like you too from his heart somewhere?

I am madly in love with a guy. Such that I proposed him. He turned down my proposal saying that his family decides such important matters for him. But I noticed he never ignored me after that. I never dealt with any deprivation from his side. He never insulted me. Infact, he says he values my feelings and acknowledges my love. Whenever I spoke up my heart to him explaining how much and why I love him, he says he always gets speechless. Is there any feelings for me in his heart as well? Just wondering (he might not be hidding to handle the current situation).


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  • Its possible he has feelings but right now you need to cut the total head over heels stuff and recover your composure in case he ever wants you to meet his family. In which that would be the real deciding factor if you two get married.


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