Why do guys make plans but don't follow through?

I've been on 2 dates with this guy and we were scheduled for a 3rd date on Friday. However, the date never happened. He ended up texting me Friday at 5pm saying "Hey you, how was your week?" I didn't answer. He ended up calling me and left another text saying "Just called. Haven't heard from you. Let me know what's up." I ended up calling him back later that night but he didn't pick up. The next day (Saturday) he texted me saying "We missed each other yesterday. I was looking forward to seeing you." I texted back saying "yeah I was really excited about it and disappointed when it didn't happen. Are you around tmrw or early next week?" He texted back saying "There's a really cool film screening tonight if you're free" I told him "I'm working tonight, what time is the screening?" He said "At 8pm." I didn't answer after that.

So I'm under the impression that if I reached out to him first, our date on Friday Night still would've happened. But I don't understand why HE couldn't follow through. If he wasn't interested, why invite me to hang out on Saturday?

Thoughts are appreciated.


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  • Don't think of it in "If I had" terms, he is quite capable of contacting you, and following through with plans, and he chose not to because he isn't prioritizing you, and you can assume it's because he isn't that interested. Maybe he is happy to date you when it's convenient for him, but he's not the guy to make effort, or be consistent, so decide if you're okay with that or not.


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