She keeps telling me she has a bf?

She tells me she has a boyfriend... but at the same time says me she wants me as a friend...
She says she loves her boyfriend but flirts with me aswell on chat...
She initiated contact with me after chasing me for 3 months... she came and sat with me in the class and we exchanged mails... and then next day she tells me that she has a boyfriend...
but at the same time... she wants me as her friend...
If she has a boyfriend... why did she chase me and initiated contact?
  • She really has a boyfriend and I should stop talking to her.
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  • She doesn't have a boyfriend but making him up to make me jealous and not to appear clingy and desperate.
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  • Well, there's no reason you should stop talking to her just because she has a boyfriend. She's allowed to have male friends, right? You'd just need to not flirt with her.

    • I like her... I can't control myself...
      If I talk to her... Flirting will come naturally so i guess not talking is the only option left...

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    • To test whether im alpha or not... to see if i act butthurt i care and if i dont then it will turn her on...
      Coz i dont see a reason if a girl has a boyfriend...
      why would she chase a guy for 3 months? almost stalking him... i just dont understand...

    • She would be very pathetic if that was what she was doing.

Most Helpful Guy

  • She loves your attention, she may like you but won't break up with her boyfriend... this girl is a headache... you just better ignore her if you can... if she really wants a friend and flirts with you a lot that would be very hard, the decision is yours at the end

    • Why did she chase me for 3 months if she had a freakin bf?
      she came and sat with me and initiated contact... why would she do thaT?

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    • 1. In the past 4 months... I never saw her on her phone in breaks...
      I mean if a girl has a boyfriend she would obviously text him or call him in the breaks of the class... but i never saw her on her phone... watsapp, call, nothing...
      2. Wen i ignored her... she text me back saying "u stopped talking"...
      and she wants to maitain the conversation...

    • Yeah your observation is right... or his boyfriend is a jerk and she divert her attention on you to fill the gap or space of attention from her boyfriend... I don't know what makes her not to break up with her boyfriend is she likes you a lot

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  • She's testing you. Girls always say they have boyfriends to see how you act. Act butthurt? Then she knows you care. Act aloof? Then it turns her on.

    • Thnx bro... so what should i do?

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    • Ok i am doing it now... Thnx a lot brother... :)
      I will wait for her to initiate contact now...

    • why girls do that? she told me a million times in the conversation "stop being so jealous of my bf" ... even when i did not even mention that dude...

  • I'd leave her alone if she really wants you she will fess up and cut the act.

    • Just be straight forward if she asks why your not responding just tell her your not interested in making lots of female friends and you want to get a reall girlfriend that you can trust not just another female friend who can casually say their friends with you.

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    • Yeah ur right brah... thnx :)

    • Welcome best wishes on your hunt for the "perfect girl."

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