Guys, Is it necessary for a girlfriend to know what her boyfriend is doing every day even if he does not mention it?


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  • No I don't think so. Honestly I don't even remember what I do half the time lol ask me what I all did yesterday n I can tell u like 2 hours worth of stuff lol I'm not sure if this is the case but if u feel the need to know everything ur boyfriend is doing each and everyday then I think u 2 have some trust issues that u need to work out

    • But isn't it good to communicate by keeping one another in the loop of things.. I guess that would make one feel special?

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    • Lol thanks for ur help... Not sure though how to tell him... Any tips

    • All I can really say for tips is don't beat around the bush. Just come out and say it. Like I need u to communicate more with me. Specifically just let me know about ur day sometimes. Something like that I guess. Sorry there's no magic way to say stuff lol do u have any male friends? Maybe they could help

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  • No, you shouldn't want to monitor your boyfriends every move. Give him some space every once in a while, let him have his own fun, and go and hang out with his other friends. You should be able to trust that he doesn't go and do something stupid (like cheat).

    • Not monitor but communicate about the day.. And show u care for one another?

  • He isn't obliged to tell her, but its always a kind and considerate gesture to do so.

    But I'm just referring to his plans for the day... not narrating his every move throughout the day.

    • Would one say then he is not obliged to... Take her here and there either?

    • No, he's not OBLIGED to do any of those things, but again, its always a nice gesture, and if he never makes an effort to give any nice gestures, his girl will feel unwanted and neglected, and has every right to break up with him.

  • Like what? Text her that I pushed out the biggest turd ever? Nah, give us some space guuuurl!


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