Why do guys blame 'No chemistry' between you as an excuse?

went on a few dates with this guy i thought things were going great! then i invite him out to meet my friends and we all go bowling he A: Had his arm around me B: Would randomly stare at me if i was talking to my friends C: Lean close to me when i was talking

All signs there he really liked me. then i get a message at night next day ( He ususally texts me good morning and when he's on his break at work) He messaged me saying im a 'nice girl' but we had no 'chemisty' between us! BULLSHIT! even my friends said he was into me and there was chemisetry between us. then i asked if we could stay friends and he said ' MAybe, well see"

What the hell what is up with this guy?
I feel like that text was a huge excuse for something.

Help decode him? Thanks

Should i even STAY friends with him?

Like i said i really liked him and was kinda blindsided by that text the next day. My poor friends thought it was something they did oe said to him
im 24, he's 25

and i leaned in to hug him and he gave me a hug and a Peck on the lips


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    and what u said "lets be friends"... is basically u pleaded for his friendship...
    I think dont ever talk to this guy... a woman's pride is her ultimate thing...
    dont lose ur self respect for a douchebag


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  • It's a cop out. Just because someone does things with you, be it sex or making out, doesn't mean the chemistry is there or they're doing it for reasons other than just going along with the opportunity that presented itself.

    There's nothing to decode here. He's just not into you. Feel free to stay friends with him as long as you don't go into it thinking you'll change how he feels about you. Doesn't sound like he blindsided you either. I don't see where he made an obvious signs of interest that was more than physical.


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  • this has happened to me and if its bs or not, i couldnt say, all i know is, its their loss


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