What is wrong with me? Why am I still Single? Forever Hopelessly alone?

im not trying to compete with anyone all i want is love! i cry at night thinking somethings wrong with me because i haven't found love.
I hate when people tell me it will happen when it happens. Or you find love when your not looking for it it annoys me when people tell me because A. there in relationships so what do they know B. I hate suprises and waiting for the perfect guy

And im not ugly... Not at all. Very very insecure but im not ugly person on the outside or inside. im very Curvy yes but not ugly!

I see girls who are bigger than me or "considered less asttractive" by people who are married with kids and i dont get it!! I know its mostly the guys i pick. But honestly i can't help it. I tend to pick guys who seem nice and "Perfect like" charmers and sweet talkers who then turn into assholes and jerks who lie and ignore me.

Now I've tried to talk to guys i normally wouldn't find attractive or aren't 'My type" and STILL same results! I dont get it!! yes i have standards but i dont think thier ridiculous ! i tend to fall for the 'class clown' type. Im 24 and in my mind im suppose to have been dating someone two years already or engaged.

Im a hopeless romantic and i fall to easy and its a bad and a good thing.

I also have trust issues with guys because of past guys hurting me emotionaly and lieing!

Im 99% sure i will never find the one and ill be a 40 year old dog lady who is single!!
Guys aged 24 -28 are still too immature and/or only want hookups. I don't mind hookups but I want something real ! im the kind of person who doesn't want to date i rather be in a relationship then date a bunch of wrong dudes.

And before you ask yes I've tried online dating sites... Those are actually worse...

I dont know what kind of guys i should be going after... or WHERE im sppose to meet these guys...


Sincerly Hopeless@24 !!!


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  • Some people are just late bloomer's.

    I'd know, I'm one of them.

    Never even held hands, but I've hugged though.

    By this point I've grown patient, but also weary. Can't wait to find her. Whoever she is.

    I just don't understand how dating works. How people work, rather. I'm sure you and I will figure it out eventually.


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