She keeps on telling me "i have a boyfriend... and please stop getting jealous from my bf" what does she mean?

She initiated contact with me after chasing me for 3 months when i did not even notice her... she came and sat with me in the class and we exchanged mails... and then next day she tells me that she has a boyfriend...
She tells me she has a boyfriend... but at the same time says me she wants me as a friend...
She says she loves her boyfriend but flirts with me aswell on chat...
She has told me a MILLION times... "stop being so jealous of my bf"... even when i dont even take name of that dude...
If she has a boyfriend... why did she chase me and initiated contact?
  • She really has a boyfriend and I should stop talking to her.
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  • She does't have a boyfriend but lying because she doesn't want to seem and desperate.
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  • I figure it's one of these:
    1) She might be either trying to make you or her boyfriend jealous to get one of you more into her
    2) she could just be really friendly/naturally flirty (see if she is like that with other people)
    3) she is an attention whore

    Have you asked around to see if she actually does have a bf?
    If she is just lying to not seem desperate (which I doubt) she would chase you more if you pulled away, so you can test if she is doing that by pulling away and if she chases you, you could be right about her lying.

    • Thnx for ur opinion...
      Now i will tell u in detail...
      1. We met 4 months ago in a class... She has been eying me since that day giving me eye contacts and all non verbal signs... but i did not pay attention... so finally she came herself and sat with me and we exchanged mails...
      2. There is another guy in class who is interested in her but she maintains her distance with him infront of me... like when im in the class she will move away from him... as if to show me that there is nothing more than friendship between her and that guy...
      3. so we started talking on mail and she told me she has a boyfriend... but she keeps saying "stop being so jealous of my bf"
      4. In past 4 months... i never saw her talking on phone or watsapping on her boyfriend... i mean if a girl has a boyfriend wouldn't she be chatting with him in the breaks?
      5. Wen i used to ignore her when she used to smile at me... she used to start crying in the class...
      what do u suggest?

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    • we mail each other... but she is the one asks me "come on chat"
      what does that mean? if she just sees me as friends why can't she just talk on mail?

    • Either she doesn't like texting or she wants to turn you down in front of people to boost her ego or she wants to show everyone how into her you are.

  • Been there done that a million times = B

    • Pls help me i beg u...

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    • Last question - Do u really think she has a boyfriend or she is making him up?

    • It matters not... zero... whatever
      she's fishing for you
      and will push Any real boyfriend away and defend you against him (if any)

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