Should I be worried?

Ok so im in high school and my boyfriend is in a grade below me. We have been with each other for a while and it has worked out but, lately he has not been hanging out with me as much. And in the mornings we all have to sit at tables before class and he used to sit by me but now he sits by three other girls and he always hangs out with one of them. I dont know if I should be worried. I mean im a grade above him so i can't really keep my eye on them but I think he has feelings for her and im worried. And, I dont really wanna talk to him about it because I dont wanna seem jelouos or anything like that and I dont wanna tell him he can't talk to her anymore because i dont wanna be that type of girlfriend. But, we just haven't been hanging out as much and he has not been huging me as much. And im afriad its because of her, should I be worried or what?


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  • I don't know enough about the situation to give you a perfect answer, but I know that you shouldn't worry too much unless something more starts to show. If he's not sitting with you in the morning then go sit with him, he'll appreciate that you wanna spend time with his friends too. Or if he seems to not like it then you can look more into what his feelings for that girl really are.


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