Crush on my best friend's boyfriend?

My friend moved to another state so when I went to go visit her for the first time, I got a chance to meet her boyfriend. It seemed to me (and even my family) he was flirting with me and that he liked me. When I went back home, a few months later he told me he thought I was pretty and asked for nudes. Since then he's backed off and isn't a total douche. And yes I did tell my friend however they are still together. I'm not trying to be a total bitch or anything and steal my best friends boyfriend but I just have these strong feelings for him. How can I make them go away or what can I do?


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  • First, don't contact him. Secondly, realize that they guy isn't decent, he deceived and disrespected his current girlfriend, and he wouldn't treat you any better, is that really someone to admire, or like.


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