Girls, Why would you do this personally?

When you meet a group of random guys for the first time, why would you initiate conversation with all of the random guys except for one guy.

With that one guy, you might avoid eye-contact with him and giggle if you catch eye-contact with him.

So why would you avoid or not converse with that one guy in the group?


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  • Typically that means that the girl is an over-thinker, and that she doesn't want that person to know they're into them. It's a terrible thing we do: questioning how much eye contact is too much eye contact, how much is too little, what we should say, how we should act, why we just did that stupid thing, and 'oh god that laugh was disgusting that guy will never want to talk to me now'.

    In my experience, that's what's most likely to be going on in this girl's head.

    • Thanks :)) So are you trying to say that the girl has a crush on that one guy? Am I right?

  • Maybe she playing coy. Or maybe she is annoyed by that one guy. If the body language is open to you ( like her toes and hips are open to you) then it's the first one. If her arms are crossed then it's the second one

    • Thanks :)) why would she be annoyed if the she hasn't spoken to the guy as yet?

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    • Girls just do that, especially when they are with other girls. Maybe it was directed to one of the other guys. Maybe it' was his giggle. The best thing to do is talk to her, and judge her body language and reaction

    • What if the girl giggles and plays with the guy's hair , when she catches eye-contact with him?

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