If a girl you have just started seeing has or had depression and/or anxiety, when would you want her to tell you?

So I'm currently talking to this guy and we're really into starting something even though its only been like a week of talking and hanging out... I've had depression and have cut so I have scars that he's never seen. I'm mostly okay now, few anxiety attacks maybe once a month at worst. I know eventually I have to tell him, I just dont know whens the right time.
  • right away even over text
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  • as soon as you see him next
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  • wait a month or so
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  • .. wait even longer...
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think once your on the cusp of being serious is when these sorts of things should be disclosed... If you're just casually seeing someone, you don't really need to open up your whole medical history or show any of the baggage from the past that comes along with you.

    Wait until you've got a good relationship going before saying stuff that might scare him away. If he sees that you're not crazy (if you aren't) and that you're capable of maintaining a good relationship, it's a lot less likely that he'll run away when you do tell him.
    Dropping that on him right now might be too much too soon, and he might get nervous and run.

    Or, he might be totally cool with it and not think anything of it (as far as how he feels about you, hopefully he recognizes what it really means though and is willing and able to offer you the support and understanding you might need.).

    I don't think it gets held against you if you wait until a little bit later, if indeed the situation is being properly treated and you're not actually a time bomb waiting to go off :-P


Most Helpful Girl

  • I told my boyfriend the day we started talking that I had issues like that. I think its best to get it out now the way...


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  • Even if you don't tell he'll find out because you'll have an "episode" eventually. I'm totally disabled by major depression so I know where I speak

  • It's best to tell him asap
    Though do whatever makes you comfortable
    We all have flaws

  • ASAP is the best time so you can try to help


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