Will I be a creep if I add him on FB?

So there when I was about 14 (Am now 19) there was this guy in my class. I didn't see of him as anything other than an acquaintance or maybe a friend. I would talk to him sometimes but he would usually try and be with the "it" boys who would mock us girls so he would join in. That put me off majorly. I think after a few months of being in his class at high school I developed a really small crush on him but forgot it as I left that school. I left that school at the end of 2010 and haven't seen or talked to him since. Last year in January my friend told me to look at his profile so I did. He has changed so much, as shallow as it sounds he has built muscle and looks like he went from a child to a (excuse my language) sex god. As the stalker I am, I had a look at his page and he looks as if he has matured a lot, he looks kind & just generally like a good guy. As crazy as it sounds I really like him. Skip forward to this year. I haven't used FB since last year and occasionally stalk his page with my friends account. I really can't get him out of my head. I feel like an idiot but I kind of want to make a fb and add him but we haven't spoken since 2010 and i'm afraid he will be like wtf lol We have a lot of mutual friends but I don't know how to use that if I add him? I've been rambling like a fool but please give me some input? Cheers


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  • Just add him. It's VERY hard for a girl to creep a guy out by adding him on Facebook. If he asks, just say he popped up in 'suggested friends'.


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