Why is he doing all of this?

So I was dating a guy for 6 months.. I was very indecisive in that time, not that I didn't want it... He was very insecure and I didn't want to fall in love with someone who maybe wouldn't let himself love me so I called it off.. But we were still talking as we work together. Things suddenly got very tense and angry between us... He's blocked me on everything and I didn't even get in contact with him so it wasn't as if I ever texted. But he texted me to say he was going to and then he was horrible with me... Why is he acting like this? I love this guy but he seems so messed up in the head from all of this what should I do
  • he loves you so he's jumping into all ideas
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  • The dude probably fell for u and then when it ended he can't seem to handle it

    • Why do you think he never told me? That's all I needed as reassurance we were going somewhere

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    • Yes

    • Yes, I think it is. I wouldn't blame him, chances are he really likes you

  • He's probably confused as to why you ended it. I'm going to assume you two really enjoyed each others company and he probably knew that, but he might be asking himself 'why end it then?' By blocking you, I think he's looking for a reaction from you. I've been in his position after a 3 month relationship and if I'm honest, I'm a very insecure, anxious and curious person. The things that would be going through my head would be 'if she liked me a lot, then she would've stayed' Tbh, I found it very hard to comprehend why mine left me. If I was to give advice, go and speak to him... give him the full story of why you didn't want the relationship... regardless of what it is, but don't give a bad excuse for it, give him the full truth. Even if you started to gain interested in another guy, tell him. For this guy, there's nothing worse than lacking understanding why you made your choice, and it would make it a lot easier for this guy to move on, and not have to keep questioning what happened

    • You may want to ask him if he's really in to you, tell him to be honest. you could make this work

    • I've tired... I then get 'I miss you' he will hug me and not let got for so long and it makes me sad, I've fallen in love with this guy and that is the reason I push him away being to vunrable scared me... When I look at him my heart actually melts. But with everything being so angry and raw it's hard to et through to each other

    • If you want to make things right again with this person, tell him that you weren't sure he really liked you, which was the reason you left. If you really like him, just say your sorry for leaving, you could easily make this right with him IF you want to though :)

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