Time to move on or time to say more? Does he actually like me or should I try to pull my heart out now?

Tim & I have been friends for 10 years. I had been dating a guy for 2 years & I spoke to Tim in the summer about how I was thinking of ending it b/c it just wasn't working

About 2 months ago I started noticing Tim seemed like he was flirting w/me in a way he never had. Although I had never thought of him in that way I started to. One night, Tim & I had been talking & he told me how he had recently felt a small spark & found himself suddenly attracted to me. He then kissed me & told me he was sorry for making things confusing but he wanted me to know b/c we have always been honest w/each other. Since our talk I did wind up breaking it off w/my boyfriend. While this wasn't why the relationship ended it did play a part. Tim & I talked about it & he said how he wanted me to make sure that anything I was feeling was not a result of him being a rebound or b/c I didn't want to be alone

About a week ago Tim & I saw each other b/c he asked me to go out for coffee w/ him. We had a great time & afterwards we cuddled and talked he kept saying he wanted to kiss me but didn't think it was a good idea since it was so soon. He told me he wanted to be honest w/me that a girl he had gone out with a few times a few months back recently came back into the picture & while he isn't sure if it will work he wanted to let me know. He then asked me if I felt he was betraying me by potentially looking into things w/this girl. I said no - he needs to find what makes him happy but I did ask if he thought it could work. He said he wanted a relationship where he would be comfortable&where he knew the girl & was friends w/her - all of which this girl doesn't have but I do

I am trying not to let it bother me - but honestly, I do find myself really wanting to be w/Tim. I like him & although I do want him to be happy, I want him to be happy by being w/me. I don't know if he genuinely likes me or not - but I don't know what to do.

Is he interested in dating me? Or should i try to get over it?


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  • In males, attraction happens immediately... if he did not see the sparks immediately i doubt he will see in future ,, however.. i would suggest u to give it some time... take it as casual flirting and see if he has patience to be with u...


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