Is she having an affair with him or am I overthinking?

I like a girl... she talks very nicely and happily to me and even flirts with me a bit... i always sit with her in the class...
When we dont sit together in the class, she comes to me in the breaks and sits with me for 5 mins and talks to me happily and smilingly...
But there is one guy in class... when he is present... she behaves awkwardly with me... she doesn't sit with me and when that dude is out with his male friends, then she comes up to me for 5 mins and then leaves...
So this guy gave her coffee in lunch break and she accepted he was sitting right behind her (they were not talking), i went upto her and sat with her...(the dude who was sitting right behind her went back with his friends at the back of the class)
But she behaved completely off with me... she did not smile, she did not talk anything but just took out a book and asked me a question regarding studies and then she excused herself and went out of the class...
I also went back to my original seat, she came back after 2 mins and said thnx to me and sat on her original seat...
I want to know : is there something between both of them?
please help me
  • She likes that dude and avoided me infront of him because she doesn't want him to think that she likes me.
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  • She doesn't like him, im overthinking
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  • Oh yeah, she's into the other guy. She clearly only looks at you on a friendly basis and she doesn't want to make the guy she's actually interested in jealous by talking to you. Sorry bro.

    • Also, she's not having an affair; if she's with him, talking to you isn't cheating, and she's not your girlfriend so even if she was seeing the other guy it still wouldn't be cheating because she isn't yours...

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  • She cannot possibly be having an affair with him if she's single.


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