Any girls out there that only date white guys? Not racist

just wondering...i know there are some girls out there that only do black I'm just seeing if there are some that are the opposite...maybe for any


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  • I only date white guys. I was raised/live in the small redneck type of town where it was like 99.9% white people lol. So first off their aren't many other races around and most people aren't used to interracial couples and I could only imagine how that would all go down. It's not that I'm against other races or anything I am just not attracted to them. Some people say it's racist but I don't think it is. I mean we can prefer people who are blonde, brunette, red head, black hair, tall, skinny, short, fat... Why can't I have a preference on the looks of a guy?

    • Thank you for being honest......and no you are not racist....u just have personal preferences.

    • Exactly, just as I still have preferences within white males.... it's just what I like. Now if I said I refuse to be friends with other races and will not even talk to them because I think they are "inferior" then maybe that would be considered racist (which I don't think just to clarify).

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  • well, I'm bi-racial. brazilian and sicilian.. soo idont mind any race loll. idont feel like race is a problem, if anything interracial dating, is fun lol

  • Well...I'm Asian and all my past bfs have been Asian, but that doesn't mean I'm opposed to any other race. The opportunity just never came up...yet


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  • The first two words you used in the question's title is known as a dubious disclaimer. Saying "I'm not a racist" or "I'm not a sexist", before racist or sexist comment doesn't really excuse you from being an idiot. If you're going to ask a question that you know in your heart is inherently racist, don't slap a disclaimer on it to try to make it off as though it isn't. That's just silly.

    • So ur calling me racist white and I think all women of all races are pretty......and unlike some people on the web I don't try to read into what someone is trying to make of someone......i wish sites could give out asshole awards to people.....cuz right about now id nominate u...not only did you not even come to anser the question you came to bash me.....every one has personal preferance dude it dossent make them racest

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    • Yes. I love seeing people get upset. It's my ultimate motivation. There's absolutely no way I could ever disagree with you. I've already stated what I think, I'm not going to run in circles repeating myself, because you don't like what I have to say.

    • Ur not even anwsering my question

      how am I a racist by asking this question

      and yeah the way I worded it makes people think otherwise.....however it seems ur the only one who failed to see how to anwser it here you win the asshole award

  • I know there are girls who date white people exclusively. And although racism is disagreeable I think one's choice of life partner should be exempt from this kind of branding.

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