If he's so into me then why is he so un- talkative?

The guy I started seeing seems very clingy or needy, yet he also seems to have a block on having real conversation with me. I'll talk about important stuff and he will hardly respond or make it feel like I'm taking to myself. I'm having a hard tim with getting to know eachother. Normally this would make me feel like he's not interested but then he ALWAYS wants to see me, asking daily almost. He also posted some weird thing on Facebook that was a screenshot on his phone saying "define love" and he posted it while waiting outside for picking me up for a date... If he's so into me why does he make it seem like I'm talking to myself sometimes?


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  • That is weird indeed. If i like a girl i am always very interested in discovering her character etc..

    He always seems absent in your conversations. Maybe he is shy? I think you should confront him with how you feel and why he isn't more talkative.

    Problems can be solved talking, good luck!


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  • He prolly doesn't know what to say. Some guys just aren't naturally effusive.


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  • very well could be a speech related bad past even in his life or he's just a "listener" people who perfer actions over speaking. Hope fully he's at least respecting you when you are together.


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