How can I be more confident?

it seems that being an Indian college freshman is a curse.

Many girls seem to only go for non Indians and Indian girls (not very many in my college) also avoid Indians. Many of the Indian girls are grad students whom I could never fit in with.

I Made a lot of friends, started working out, and even joined a co ed frat. girls smile at me when we cross paths and sometimes even approach me / hug me / invite me to hangouts.

yet, I do not have a girlfriend yet. I am just a friend (i do make weak attempts to flirt or joke). I mostly laugh at others' jokes.

My parents raised me to focus more on grades than social life, but that put me in a HUGE depression in high school. I got low grades, had few friends, and am not too physically strong. I also lack muscle and weigh 160 lbs (I have seen uglier guys get gfs).

It is only 10th week of college, but what do I do? i feel the stereotypes are hurting my ability to date. and I do NOT want to settle down. I want experience from dating Chinese/Korean/Japanese/White chicks.

I work out, study, play video games, watch movies, and hang with friends.

Being Indian is a curse, especiialy if you don't fit in with other Indians. having girls nearby who will go after any non Indian also isn't helpful.

I am a college student, so money isn't an option.

I feel I may miss the best years of my life for sex and hookups.

I do not have a car or a fake ID either.


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  • Be happy with yourself and you'll notice a huge change!


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