My girlfriend gets mad over the naked girls that pop up on my news feed! Is this outrageous or common?

So we've been dating for a year and she gets mad every time I'm on my Facebook and she happens to see a half naked chick or anything of the sort. I've deleted most of the ones that I could find but sometimes there's a sponsored ad for playboy or someone I'm following post a photo of someone they like or one of my female friends post a modeling photo and my girl happens to see it! It means nothing to me yet she gets mad over it! I've tried to delete the things she's gets mad over and I've never intentionally looked at anything that would upset her yet I still see these on my feed and she still gets mad what should I do?


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  • I would slap the shit out of you


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  • Your biggest mistake ''I've deleted most of the ones that I could find''

    I wonder when guys will ever learn. The problem is something she needs to deal with and it resides within her ego, self esteem, and desire to control you as an object. You deleting the ones you can find justifies her juvenile behavior, sends the message that you can be controlled, and enables her behavior even further.

    I'm not sure what has happened to men colluding with their girlfriends questionable behavior. Swap the situation around and imagine a man was getting mad every time naked men popped up on his gfs computer, other men would laugh him out of the room and tell him to man up.

    Look at the first anon pink comment. Already she feels she has the right to be physically violent with you because you are communicating that you do not have those boundaries.

    What should you do? stop placating her and enabling her childish behavior. Be a man. If she does not like the naked pictures, then she can look elsewhere. However, it's probably too late to be setting a different precedence now. She already knows you do as she wishes.


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