Am I being a fool?

I've been dating my boyfriend for 5 years now and I think he is cheating. His friends are all cheaters and I just feel uneasy that he's around them so often. What makes matters worse is this girl that just forces herself into his company. It first started when she made a sexual comment towards him infront of me. They were than jogging partners later. I than saw a message on his phone where she wanted him to come over and He's reply was " I can't cos if I do I'll kiss the crap out of you". I than broke up with him. He pleaded with me to take him back, saying that he did not mean anything by it. It wasn't long after that and she was asking him to do favors for her again. (All of this was 3 years ago). This year she stays very close to him. Infact I found out she was cooking for him while he was recovering from his ankle injury. He promised me that he doesn't speak to her and he makes it sound like she is the one who is just psycho, but he always initiates the chats and also deletes messages from his phone. Do I break up with him or do I believe him?
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  • That's such a guy thing to blame the girl being psycho.. when we do that it means we are guilty.
    If you don't trust your guy or have doubts, then you shouldn't be with him.. a guy shouldn't make you feel like that. You should always feel like number 1


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